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Tongue Tie - From Confusion

 to Clarity:

A Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of


This book by Carmen Fernando is the first publication to explore this subject comprehensively. It  explains that tongue tie is real and proceeds to recommend an assessment method to judge the severity of the condition and to determine whether surgical intervention is warranted.

The book covers a wide range of facts: from the historical antecedents of present day attitudes; through the largely unrecognized and often devastating effects of the disability; to the purely practical skills of diagnosis and management of the condition.

It will be a valuable resource for those with a tongue tie, the parents of children with a tongue tie, speech-language pathologists, lactation consultants, doctors, dentists and other health professionals.

It includes 8 pages (31 plates) of high quality colour photographs of a variety of tongue ties, 9 case histories, a detailed protocol for the assessment of tongue ties, exercises for improving lingual proficiency (after surgery), and a summary of a study of 200 children who were found to have a tongue tie.

Paperback: 88 pages Publisher: Tandem Publications ISBN: 0646352547



Lynne Lee, Speech-Language Pathologist, Sydney, Australia

"An excellent guide on tongue tie and the implications it has on speech. This disorder is largely ignored by health professionals or else is dismissed as not causing difficulties. Since reading this informative book my assessment of tongue tie has become more accurate and objectively determined. This book should be a textbook for all speech and language clinicians and students as well as doctors. Congratulations Carmen for putting the spotlight on this topic." (As reviewed at

Paula Caffrey, Speech-Language Pathologist, Sydney, Australia

"This is a wonderful book about tongue-tie, its diagnosis, implications and treatment. As a parent of a child with tongue-tie and as a Speech Pathologist I have found this book interesting, educational and informative. It is ESSENTIAL READING for all Speech Pathologists working with children." (As reviewed at

Stephen Bridge, Indianapolis, USA

"My adopted daughter had tongue-tie. She had trouble swallowing and couldn't make many sounds. The author's descriptions, background, and suggestions for talking with our doctor made the whole process much easier. Also, with a full set of tongue exercises for after the surgery, to get your child up to normal tongue use. We're buying a second copy to donate to our public library for other families!

As far as we have found, this is the ONLY book for parents out there. Our doctor had never heard of it. Fortunately it is excellent." (As reviewed at

Virginia Thorley OAM, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant, Brisbane, Australia

"Experienced lactation consultants are aware of the potential negative effects of tongue tie on breastfeeding, as well as its effects on speech. Written by an experienced Australian speech pathologist, this book reveals a much wider range of difficulties caused by untreated tongue tie.

The book's eight pages (31 plates) of clear colour photographs of a variety of tongue ties, their complications and postsurgical exercises would be a great asset to lactation consultants, speech pathologists, and other health professionals, making this an invaluable text for medical libraries as well." (Extract from review published in Journal of Human Lactation, December 1998)

Dr James Wright, Retired Paediatric Surgeon, Australia

"Tongue tie is difficult to define, and its significance has always been contentious. Management has therefore been based on belief rather than evidence, and has varied between two extremes - to divide all obvious lingual frenula at birth, or to divide none at all...

The author is well qualified and experienced. The subject deserves attention and the development of a rational approach is timely. The book is eminently readable and can be used to advantage by paediatric specialists, speech pathologists and health professionals interested in tongue tie. They may not all agree with all its content, but the author's methods, opinions and conclusions deserve serious consideration".  (Extract from review published in the Medical Journal of Australia, April 1999.

Kylie Bartlett, Speech-Language Pathologist, Sydney, Australia

"Tongue tie - from Confusion to Clarity is an extremely valuable resource in the management of tongue tie (ankyloglossia). Speech pathologists, general practitioners, paediatricians, dentists, early childhood nurses and others encountering tongue tie will benefit from this comprehensive guide to the condition's history, assessment, surgery and therapy. It includes case studies and clear pictures to aid in assessment and treatment as well as the Tongue Tie Assessment Protocol (TAP).

As a speech pathologist and parent of an infant with a tongue tie, this book has been very useful as I considered and undertook surgery and in the follow up therapy to establish normal tongue movements for feeding and speech. I can highly recommend Carmen's book to other professionals who encounter children who may have tongue tie."





This site is owned and managed by Carmen Fernando, a speech-language pathologist based in Sydney, Australia.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to replace individual diagnoses by qualified persons regarding the presence or significance of a tongue tie. If you are concerned about a tongue tie which you or your child may have, consult with your health care professional, doctor, speech-language pathologist or lactation consultant with respect to your individual situation. 

Tongue Tie Example
Tongue Tie

An example of a tongue tie in a 7-year old girl where a short frenum pulls down the tongue, restricts it from moving freely and prevents the formation of a tongue tip.

The Book

“Tongue Tie – from Confusion to Clarity” by Carmen Fernando is the first and only comprehensive publication to bring together all aspects of Tongue Tie.